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Analytics for Demand Generation

Trendalyze micro trends analytics empowers business users to achieve highly accurate price sensitivity estimates, promotion optimization, and demand forecasting.

Packaging Optimization

With Trendalyze engineers can optimize fresh food packaging for energy savings using climate and IoT data.

Robotic Surgery Optimization

Engineers and researchers are using Trendayze to perform surgical robotics data analytics for image guided surgery optimization.

Climate Based Optimization

Leveraging detailed climate data for micro trends analysis and deep learning to optimize prices and forecast demand.

Maintenance and Asset Management

Analysis and monitoring of micro trends in climate and IoT data for predictive maintenance and asset utilization.

EngineeringEmpower Self-Service Research

Trendalyze provides highly interactive self-service tools for engineers to visualize and analyze equipment and sensor data.

Transaction Activity Monitoring

Trendalyze innovative analytics approach to AML transaction monitoring and card processing fees monitoring reduces false positives and settlement errors.

ARPU Optimization

Micro trends search, analysis, and monitoring allows for reliable subscriber attrition prediction and ARPU optimization.

GamingAttrition Prediction

Trendalyze new approach makes it possible to accurately detect player attrition and revenue decline where traditional statistical approaches have failed due to high behavioral variability.
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